BMW - Warranty Up To 3 Years Or 36,000 Miles + Roadside

BMW - Warranty Up To 3 Years Or 36,000 Miles + Roadside

End Date: 12/31/2024

New, authorized BMW Motorcycles come with a 3 year or 36,000 mile limited new vehicle warranty, whichever comes first. For important details, see the BMW Motorrad Service and Warranty Information booklet or visit an authorized BMW Motorrad Dealer. The 24-hour roadside assistance begins on the original in-service date. Roadside only goes on dirt roads 40 feet from pavement.

Incl. New Vehicle Warranty

Incl. Roadside Assistance
BMW 3 Years 3 Years
Ducati 2 Years 2 Years
Harley-Davidson 2 Years 1 Years
Honda 3 Years No
Indian 2 Years No
Kawasaki* Up to 3 Years No
KTM* Up to 2 Years No
Suzuki 1 Years No
Triumph 2 Years 2 Years
Yamaha 1 Years No
Zero** 2 Years No

Maximum term based on new vehicle purchase, excluding financed vehicles.
*Maximum term. Term varies based on individual models.
**5 Year warranty on power pack.

Motorcycle Warranty and Roadside Assistance information sourced from respective brand's US manufacturer websites as of 4/2024